We have the perfect solution for your successful wedding!

From an extensive and magic music portfolio, a roller-coaster of fun and joy for you and your guests, we bring all Show’s required professionally ingredients and highest technically to support the success of your wedding: talented vocalists, passions, beautiful lights, highest sound quality, and any other techniques and details for making your wedding an unforgettable show!

Basically, for your wedding we offer:

LIVE Band with highly professional and passioned musicians

  • Depending on your chosen programme our Band can extend the number of instrumentalists fro 5 members to 7 or more, depending on your chosen program type.
  • We assure you a LIVE orchestra blended with DJ’s moment and shows all night long, no matter how many sessions are needed to make your wedding a successful one. We are working with industry highly recognised professionals in the area of supporting services for delivery of a highly standard in the industry for your show.

Sound, scene, and lights equipments

  • We offer indoor & outdoor sounding services, with the latest audio equipment, for your wedding and of course for any important moment you want to celebrate in life (civil wedding party, anniversaries & birthdays, baptisms, and other private celebrations), corporate events (receptions, presentations), club events, shows and artistic events.

A Proffessional Presenter:

  • For assuring your wedding smooth flow, we can provide a proffessional presenter and a wedding strategist to elevate your wedding to a superior show level.
  • All our shows are based on a clear scenario and directions based on your wedding theme, your guest typology and of course of specifically golden moments you want to create in the future memories of your guests.

Your own and unique Playlist:

  • We have a very long playlist with it’s from all times, covering different styles and we assure you that nobody will stay on the chairs in those 4 LIVE MUSIC SESSIONS of 45 to 60 minutes for all your night.
  • We offer you the opportunity to adapt our musical portfolio and concept of the event to your preferences, your philosophy and objective of the party.
  • We can create artistic & musical playlists for you and, depending on your Party theme we can create a playground and inspiration musical games to involve your guests and make for them an unforgettable night.

You’ll benefit from all our attention to have a successful wedding!

Just a small RECAP:

  • We offer you the opportunity to adapt our musical portfolio and concept of the event to your preferences, your philosophy and entertainment objective of the party.
  • We are professionals with an experience for more than 12 years on the market, and in all this time we succeed to make happy a remarkable number of brides and grooms!
  • We can create artistic & musical playlists for you, having a magic night for you with unforgettable LIVE sessions, with a professional Show Presenter and one of the DJ’s most suitable moments for your guests.
  • We can plan together a Wonderfull Show for your future wedding!
  • The best QUALITY & PERFORMANCE/PRICE ratio ever! Just contactus to establish the future budget for YOUR future Wedding Artistically & Music Package!

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