Trupa AMERICAS, Band:

If you want a wedding or any type of party music proffesional Band, what will bring you a memorable experience and touching vibe in your most unforgettable night of your life, than you are on the right place!
If you want to organise a memorable Party for yourself or your company, to cover any musical need or requirements, and you need a highly proffesional Wedding & Cover band, we welcome you here on our website, "The Americas Band & Alexandra Craescu"
Trupa Americas - is a wedding & Cover band from Bucharest, created in 2011 by the piano player Cristian Aurelian Gheorghe from his passion to music and show. Starting with 2012, Alexandra joined to our band, as our main vocalist. Hence she make us an unique skilled band, enchanting from that moment with the uniqueness of her voice many clients. With many successful events in our portfolio and an enhanced experiences gained in time in the entertainment industry , The AMERICAS, as a wedding & cover band become the right choice for any type of personal or corporate event.
What differentiate with respect from other weeding bands is the uniqueness of Alexandra's voice which adapts perfectly to each musical gender or style, our original show, our extended musical repertoire approached and selected with great care by our team members, and of course our capacity to improvise and deliver just in time new harmonies and musical mixes to elevate your party atmosphere and vibes, to guarantee the success of your event.

Definitely everything is guided and conducted, from our cover band formula, to our delivered  musical repertoire,  by the de mastery and creativity of our Leading pianist - Cristian Aurelian Gheorghe, and this leadership and our band musical harmony unity of our team mebers making the wedding band to have a special sound and style of interpretation for any and each musical piece.
Another and strong reason to choose us is our strong capacity to satisfy any musical or instrumental requirement from your guests, making them feel satisfied and with the sense of excellence in their service.

Let's Meet Us!

Besides our the CORE Band Members, we bring for you a Versatile Band Structure, Artistic Program and a highly Original Repertoire based on YOUR NEEDS!

A Journey Through Time and Melody

Trupa Americas: Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Present, and Shaping the Musical Future
  • 2023Milestone Celebrations

    Trupa Americas celebrates their 10-year anniversary, reflecting on a decade filled with musical growth, unforgettable performances, and the joy of touching the hearts of countless listeners.
  • 2022Expanding Reach

    Trupa Americas embarks on national and international tours, bringing their mesmerizing performances to diverse venues and captivating audiences around the world.
  • 2020Digital Transformation

    Adapting to the digital age, Trupa Americas embraces online platforms, connecting with a wider audience through virtual performances, live streams, and engaging social media content.
  • 2018Collaborations and Recognition

    Trupa Americas collaborates with renowned artists and gains recognition for their exceptional musicality, earning accolades for their contributions to the music industry.
  • 2016Weddings and Private Events

    Recognizing the power of live music to enhance special moments, Trupa Americas starts providing enchanting performances at weddings and private events, leaving a lasting impression on couples and guests alike.
  • 2014Expanding Repertoire

    With a growing fan base and demand for diverse musical experiences, Trupa Americas expands their repertoire, incorporating a wide range of genres and captivating audiences with their versatility.
  • 2012First Live Performances

    Trupa Americas takes the stage for their first live performances, captivating audiences with their talent, energy, and unique musical style.
  • 2011The Birth of Trupa Americas

    A group of passionate musicians come together to form Trupa Americas, driven by their shared love for music and a desire to create unforgettable experiences.


Continual Musical Excellence

With a rich history and a commitment to musical excellence, Trupa Americas continues to create magical moments, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry and inspiring audiences with their captivating performances.


Blessed Weddings

Celebrating Blessed Weddings: Uniting Love with Enchanting Melodies


Smiles Inspired

Spreading Joy: Smiles Inspired by Trupa Americas' Musical Magic


Harmonious Celebrations

A Decade of Harmonious Celebrations: Memorable Events Enhanced by Trupa Americas' Musical Mastery


The Rhythm of Happiness

The Rhythm of Happiness: Hearts Filled with Joy by Trupa Americas' Melodies