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We created Trupa AMERICAS from our passion and love for Music and Show!

Being passionate and creative musicians, in 2011 we just start to think and act towards our fans! Since than we believe that we can elevate and bust your exepriences from any musical or artistical event, when we are involved togheter in any event design. So we put our knowledge, experiences and believes in your service, because only in this way we cand create a new breath in your events. putting our passion, experiences and capabilities at your service. So a dinamical band was brought into being, by the pianist Cristian Aurelian Gheorghe, currently also the leader of the band.

From 2012, Alexandra Crăescu join to our band, becoming our main vocalist and put her sensitive and unique touch to our music.

Trupa AMERICAS - a Dynamic & VERSATILE Band

Let's discover our Band & Events management !

- versatile capabilities
for you!

Depending on your event type, or your specifically needs and requirements, we have the capabillity to adapt or extend our Band's Talent Pool for you!

Starting from our number of musicians in the Band, to the instument's typlogy and our songs portfolio, we can build our project together!

Together we can  align our Artisticallly Programme style and our Band structure to your Event Philosophy & Caractheristics,  making in this way  your customised event  astonishing, full of energy and  unique.

Our Band STRUCTURE has two  components:  a core part and a dynamic one.  The dynamic part is determined by  the typology of  Musical Programme and your specifically needs :
    • Band Key Players:

        1. Piano/Keyboards -   Cristian-Aurelian Gheorghe

        2. Main Vocalist  - Alexandra Crăescu;

    • Band Second Players:    Percutions, Bass, Guitar, Violin, Conga drums, Keyboards, Accordeon, Harp, second Vocal, etc.

Our musicians  are clasified as Permanent or collaborateurs, depending to the typlology or style of your chosen Musical Program.

Let's meet our  Core players in the band  ! 



Our musical repertory!

More informations about our Performance & Musical Portfolio, just see our Event corner from Home Page or News ! Follow our FUTURE EVENTS and come to see us face-to-face directly in our Concerts or Open parties! Enjoy it!

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Alexandra Crăescu 's interpretation :

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