Me, Myself & My Music

I live for music, and enjoy the notes of my life!
When the words are superfluous, music speaks….

William Shakespeare

About ME...

My experiences & learnings
  • Main vocalist
  • I graduated The Music Conservatory from Bucharest Romania
  • Singer and songwriter
  • Music teacher. I love to develop childrens and young talents
  • Brand Ambasador for.......
Collaborations with the Revue and Operetta Theater
  • ”Rebecca" play, music by Sylvester Levay, MAIN CHARACTER.
  • In "Romeo si Julieta" play, by Gerard Presgurvic, the main Character named Julieta.
I am a DISNEY Voice
I dubbed in Romanian language, the character of Jasmine from the musical film "Aladdin" directed by Guy Ritchie in 2019.
Brand Ambasador for Vocal theraphy in Romania
I am the Public Image for Vocal Therapy>/i> The Doctros and Experts Team, who Alexandra collaborate in her branding and PR job: dr. Silvia Samuila, dr. Loredana Ghiuzan, dr. Cristescu Elena, dr. Ioana Măndoiu and with Doctor phoniatrician Ilter Denizoğlu - from Turkey.
Collaborations in Musical Duets and Backing Vocals with Great ARTISTS & SINGERS from our country
I sang in Backing Vocals and duets with the following artists>
  • Ștefan Bănică Jr.
  • Proconsul and Direction 5,
  • Fuego, Mihai Margineanu,
  • Marius Nedelcu - Akcent, Ovi
  • Iacobsen and Paula Seling
  • Proconsul, Direction 5
  • Cezar Ouatu, etc. .
International Musical & Artistical Projects
Private projects in the internațional events market, in partnership with highly sonorous names such as Nicole Scherzinger, Jean-Claude VanDamme, Robbie Williams, Engelbert Humperdinck, Naomi Campbell, etc.

My Musical Journey...

 Contests & TV Shows:

Collaborations with Great singers:

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