Music is my life!

Cristian Aurelian GHEORGHE

    • He is the Founder and  AMERICAS Band Leader 
    • Industry recognised Composer & Second vocalist for the band
    • He composed musical hits for well recognised bands and solists from Romania, like Proconsul - a rock band, etc. 
    • He is the graduate of Romanian Music Conservatory from Bucharest and a Musical Master at the ”Giacomo Puccini Conervatory”  from  Spezia, Itally.
    • He passionatedly stepped,  for first time, on the stage since his early childhood, at his  5 years old,  and starting from that moment he gained more than 14 years of enhanced experiences in dealing and managing large and complex events from Musical & Arthistical industry, involving himself in the area of Privat events and  shows,  Clubbing Musical  Phenomena development or into the Different  Musical Shows and TV programs .
    • He completes great muzical and theatrical Projects in collaboration with  musicians, solists, and theater or film  actors. all of them  wellknown both  inside and outside the country, like: Gheorhe Zamfir,  Damian Drăghici or Mihai Mărgineanu.
    • In time he cummulated  multiple collaborations in performing for different artists in  many Privat or Public events, like: weddings, music festivals , Operreta or Variety shows and TV shows, etc.
      • Here he gatherred partnerships with singers and actors like  Aurelian Temișan, Irina Sarbu, Elena Cârstea, Bianca Ionescu,  Daniela Vlădescu, Theo Rose, Vlad Miriță, Mihai Mărgineanu;  the well known actresses Carmen Tănase and  Izabela Barbu (Jejebel), or the actor  Mihai Persa,  Oana Sărbu, Mihai Bejenaru,  Proconsul band, Mihai Trăistariu, etc.  
    • On the Jazz gendre  he gathered  experiences in playing with  Garbis Dedeian, Capriel Dedeian, Jean Stoian, Marius Pop, Mihail Sebastian, Aura Urziceanu, Irina Sârbu, etc.................
    • On the traditional and  folklor area he had partnerships and different musical collaboration with singers like:  Alexandru Jidveianu, Maria Dragomiroiu, Catanga, Panseluțe Feraru, Elisabeta Turcu, etc
    •  He sang in different musical great or large events,  both in Romania  and also in different countries, like France, Spain, United States, Austria, Danmarca,  Switzerland,  Itally,  Moldavia Republic, etc.