For your Christening PARTY, Anniversary & Celebration, and for your Birthday party we can support you with both Excellent Music and a personalized approach to your future SHOW, which will shatter any usual expectations of your event, raising it to a new dimension of Entertainment and professionalism.

  • DESIGN or DEVELOP a THEME for your Event or Party.
    With our Consulting services and Entertainment Management experience ad professionals we can support you building Party Themes for your Personal or Organizational EVENT.

  • If you have already a theme for your party/event we can plan the artistically Concept Design of our moment with conception and planning activities & impact deliveries, through Music and artistically scenarios to achieve your FUN MOMENTS we are your fully partner!

Because you need a LIVE & COVER Band for your Event or Party, we are here to create an unforgettable Moment for you, so we invite you to listen some DEMO’s of our Band: DEMO's...

Corporate Events

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Thematic Parties & Corporate Celebration

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Corporate Anniversary PARTY

If you want to celebrate the successful of your company, or to motivate and challenge your Best talents, we can bring you musical solutions and playings to create a productive and funny playground and Show, hence you'll have an unforgettable celebration that will  cherish your successful results and meanings.

We make your Corporate Event a UNIQUE one!

We always have to bring a theme and the involvement of all participants.  This can be done with an appealing theme and also with an Internal marketing and PR services what will popularise the future event to your employees. We know that your internal department and functions are highly percent, and we will be honoured of we can have a common partnership in deploying and deliver the future show beside your specialists.

As Corporate event themes you can consider some creativity challenge  moments for your employees inside an engaging party ! Here we can share some ideas for your future Event that enliven group gatherings.

For examples we can create teams that can sing and make musical scenarios on the Heroes vs. Villains theme, approaching  Hollywood Theme, Wild West, and '80s Bash.

In our experiences Corporate Event themes are great ways to make large gatherings memorable, unique, and fun for guests, hence making your meetings memorable for the participants. We create for you a  One Life Show Moment!

Some ideas for a Corporate Event Themes to Impress! IDEI...

When words can't reach people's heart and mind, only music can!

This is our credo that guides our band in life,
on the scene and also  in  all our relationships around us. It's our way to reach our fans and make them happy!

a memorable  PRIVATE PARTY or CORPORATION Gatherings!

If you are here for PRIVATE PARTIES or for CORPORATE EVETS, we can support you to build YOUR DESIRED EVENT, offering our  Consulting & Musical services, handing you our enhanced Expertise in Entertainment and Music Industry.

How can we make your Party or Event an UNIQUE one?

Simple, we just use our adding value services, and offer you beside music and fun,  depending on the scope  and  impact planned for of your event, our  Music & Entertainment consulting, counselling and planning versatile approach.

We basically have a three steps approach what starts now of Contract signing, what consist into the following DPD phase

  • Diagnose
  • Plan
  • Delivery

The output of our approach it is a customized Show, with LIVE moments, Jokes, and interactive games! We also offer Live moments, professional song presentations & music mixture, what are  professionally leaded by our designated Presenter of the Event.

Our Management team and Technical Staff are always with us to be sure that we’ll deliver for you the highest quality of our Show.  

If you want more Info’s about our  approach, just click the following BUTTON: READ MORE

Music & Entertainment Consulting SERVICES:

About our We bring you, not just a simple Portfolio of songs, we manage all our interactions before aa blended service between Music & Compositions Success Strategies Management for your event.

Our established strategies starts tracking the following three steps process:


We project the expected

Desired Level of the Event Happiness  & Successful:

  • Here we will have several discussions and meetings in establishing and understanding your perception and main requirements from your Event Theme ?
  • What are your main Success Key Points of the Event ?
  • Setting and final validation of the Event playlists and the main projected Live moments of the Event.

Strategy & Plan for Actions -  Delivery Show Preparation:

  • Our band will select the main Musical Sessions distributed by styles already chosen by you, and each Song’s portfolio per LIVE session.
  • We have a pre-discussions just for checking for new potential changes and occurred new requirements;
  • If you acquired for your event our SONG COMPOSITION service, depending on your projected Budget, you’ll have the final song presentation for delivery, together we’ll establish the following acquired form:
    • As a LIVE song performed  directly in the event time with artistically presentation.
    • SINGLE, EP and/or a full Song Video-clip -  all being registered and produced in a Music Studios with High Professionals from industry. 

Event &PARTY Time:

  • Final preparation for the show: we’ll arrive at your designated location point, before the event official Start hours, with at least an interval of 1 - 2 hours for professionally required preparations and checking for the stage, lights, sound and all other technically requirements  of the show.
  • Last presentation & discussions with our clients for final validation of the Main Songs Lists per planned Music Session and their timely positioning in the Event Schedules. 
  • We are open to any local and timely re-adjustments of the our initially LIVE Sessions planned and to any free dedications asked by your guests, in the Line & musically Style of the Ordered Event Theme.
  • We start the party with Live Music Sessions and Registered songs Playlist or DJ-services acquired by the client.
  • As main beneficiary the dedications or new song requirements coming from your guests can be stoped or aligned only by you, or Client-Beneficiary our contract.

Through Music COMPOSITION your Party or Event can make an Ultimate difference!

If you want to put your personal signature or the Company philosophy into your event, under an unforgettable and artistically manner, we propose to you to create a new SONG COMPOSITION! 
A song composition for your special moment or Event will celebrate your moment and we’ll remain in the mind and souls of your guests or employees.

We can write and create for you,  just an  ULTIMATE MUSICAL HIT!

After this Event all your guests will be humming your song, an unique composition created for you! This song will be based on the theme of your event, and will accompany you during event and after it. The song will be recorded in the studio and will be offered to you first as a demo and  second as a EP present for participants if this is your choice. We’ll be your partner in complete in a magnificent way this event!

Let’s visit our Musical Composition page for more informations: READ MORE