Music is more than passion for the AMERICAS Band, so  the composing part has become for our Band a way to express ourselves freely, to make our fans happy, but above of all a medium through which we tell the world what we cannot say with simple words. 

In a constantly changing environment, where personal relationships become more and more complicated, where stress and challenges have become the only constant of everyday life, music in it's essence and musical composition represent for our band members a way of being, our way to communicate with others, but also a refuge, a way to fight life's difficulties, to celebrate joys and successes, as well as a dream machine that takes us to the fulfillment of our goals.

 When you love what you do, you don't feel like you're working... everything becomes  pure PASSION!

Aurelia Cristian Gheorghe is the leader of our Band and our main composer, and he started flirting with the compositional side since childhood. A passion that has become a way of life!

Every day, Aurelian Cristian, together with the key members of the band, spend hours of intense study and musical improvisation, brainstorming to find potential ways to express themselves artistically and effectively. In such moments of creative effervescence or pure play, potential themes or reasons to compose always appear. 

How does a song become a HIT ?… 

Just think of those famouschoruses or your classical pieces of music, or your favorite songs, wich until recently you were humming all the time, without getting bored and without any particular intention !     

Do you think they were created by a flash of inspiration or just intense work by the composer ?

It can be both. Or there may be more factors favoring such musical jewels. But a piece of music never  becomes a hit  if it doesn't convey a real reason for listeners to find themselves.


Some of Aurelian Cristian's favorite reasons to compose are the joy and happiness of the Winter Holidays, the feeling of fulfillment and harmony in the family, the thrill of love, the nostalgia of the sea or the sunset, sadness, anger or even frustration that you can sometimes you feel around, beauty and art… and all, always, have a trigger that appears out of nowhere…

Aurelian Cristian's leaning towards the classical style, towards jazz improvisation, but also towards the challenges offered by electronic music, or even the themes of some tabs, make him find his own compositional resources.

 Everything the AMERICAS Band does for you, our fans and customers, to touch your souls!